It is the concept of “Divorce Hotel,” a revolving program in resorts and local restaurants where specialists assist families mediate their wedding in a semester.

The Dutch business will be teaming up with the Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. this month. ABC News accounts to take Divorce Hotel to the United States. Six restaurants in the Netherlands have already acted as a location for the rapid divorce program initiated by the company in 2011.

Money counts, however, should be at the center of the entire cycle if you want a reasonable resolution from a fractured marriage. Experts believe in getting a fair deal; one should think socially and behave legally. The most significant concept is to bring the entire method as a business deal, where two associates go their own way. After all, who will worry if after moving out of a partnership, you continue to curse your destiny and your ex-partner?

The set involves two distinct spaces and a mediator to direct customers by finalizing their divorce contract conditions— all for about $5,000, based on the divorce period and details. (If situations get controversial between the pair, more specialists may need to be called in.) But can a divorce contract be ironed out over a vacation?

Michele Martin, Gideon Putnam Resort’s marriage mediator, informed ABC News that it could be achieved “totally.”

And thus, she clarified, “customers can go to the spa or bring a stroll in between meetings around the lovely premises.” Watch the picture above for more on this one-stop divorce shop, then go to the remarks and let us understand what you believe about the delivery.

Divorce Hotel is an excellent idea that allows families to function out their divorce contract in two to three days back from house and job distractions and in a lovely setting. Divorce Hotel provides a facilitated divorce enabling couples to settle their marriage conflict outside the traditional courtroom environment. Both sides operate together in mediation to define issues and alternatives. Mediation encourages collaboration and thus decreases the mental cost of divorce resolution.

Couples registered check-in and check-out with a legally necessary separation/settlement contract that can then be submitted for completion of the procedure in the tribunal in their home state. Divorce Hotel was established as a better way for families to get married in the Netherlands in 2011. Six divorce resorts have launched in Europe since then, and more than 100 families have finished their divorce expertly. Now families in the U.S. have the chance to divorce in a better way in the first DivorceHotel in the U.S. in ancient Saratoga Springs, NY in a lovely and peaceful environment.

Once a pair is interested in Divorce Hotel, they will obtain a call from one of our Divorce Mediators to evaluate the viability of finishing their divorce at Divorce Hotel (see FAQs: Am I a Divorce Hotel Candidate?). If it’s a fit, the couple will receive worksheets to fill their ability to the fullest. (See test worksheets) Which include asset, liability, earnings, expenditure, and household data information. Once this data is returned to the mediator, a more massive conference call will be established with the pair and the mediator to know the problems surrounding their divorce and to evaluate whether other experts need to be approached.

The mediator will then prepare for the entry of the families at the Divorce Hotel. Stay at Divorce Hotel: The pair will have planned meetings with the mediator and (if required) legal counsel to carry out their divorce information including Property Division, Support, and Parenting during their remain at DivorceHotel. The pair will have time to rest and believe and appreciate the hotel’s lovely environment between meetings, maybe run a golf round or have a massage or eat supper in the city. On the following day, the pair will register the separation/settlement contract that was designed during their visit once the contracts have been concluded and completed.

The agreement will get notarized. Also, it is a binding separation/settlement agreement, which is legal. After the stay at the Divorce Hotel, the couple will leave with all of the paperwork. And the instructions to file their divorce in their home state, and any other follow up work that is needed (deed transfers, QDRO’s) will be done after that. The mediator will be on hand after the couple leaves the Divorce Hotel until the process is completed. Location The first (and presently only) Divorce Hotel in the U.S. is located at the renowned Gideon Putnam Hotel in ancient Saratoga Springs, NY. Saratoga Springs is located in southern N.Y. equidistant from Boston, New York City and Montreal and is readily available by plane, train or vehicle.


 The base fee for Divorce Hotel is $7,500 to $12,000, including two rooms at the hotel, breakfast, all up-front work, and lunch, all mediator’s fees, and document preparation fees. The charge may cover various operations. Additional charges will be charged, including state registration charges and legal charges related to registering the divorce that is not addressed by this tax. Is Divorce Hotel going to operate for us? If you’re an excellent Divorce Mediation applicant, then Divorce Hotel is probably going to work for you. Suitable applicants for divorce mediation are individuals who think they can bargain on their own during the mediation phase and are permitted to communicate their requirements and issues publicly.

Parties who have been victimized or victimized by domestic violence or circumstances in which spouses do not believe that all data will be provided would not be excellent applicants for mediation or Divorce Hotel. Are we staying in distinct chambers? Spouses remain in different spaces, and we believe that this is essential for the method as there will be moments when you need a moment alone to reflect on the contracts taken and check the separation/settlement contract. Is this a holiday? Divorce Hotel isn’t a holiday. Divorce Hotel is challenging to practice–during your visit, we will roll up our pants and operate. There will be a moment, however, to relax and enjoy operations, spa solutions and the lovely ambiance

Currently, in ancient Saratoga Springs NY, there is one Divorce Hotel in the United States. We anticipate starting more Divorce Hotels in different areas of the nation over the period.


While we cannot ensure 100% that this method will function for you, we do enough upfront job before reservation your visit to be reasonably sure that this method will work for your marriage. In all instances, but one so far, Divorce Hotel has functioned.


The issue is, would you like a lawyer? During the mediation phase, some sides decide to maintain an attorney to advice; generally between mediation meetings.

You may have a lawyer reviewing the paper and providing input at the start of the negotiation phase and before entering a resolution and detachment contract. The decision is ultimately yours: some individuals are retaining an attorney, some are not.


 Yes. The method of Divorce Hotel may bring position over the week or a long weekend.


To get started with or for more information, call Michele Martin, the Mediator and Divorce Hotel’s U.S. Country Manager at 518-813-6098 or submit an email to or contact on the phone number and will get back to you.

In a sequence of negotiation meetings, generally 2 hours duration, the pair, and the mediator encounter. First session: the couple and the mediator define the problems to be discussed and how they will get addressed, then select which data to collect and share. The couple collects all relevant financial data between the first and later sessions or, if necessary, the opinions of experts such as accountants or appraisers with this matter being treated with the care and, concern.

Further meetings: The discussions focus on how to balance the different problems to satisfy both sides’ requirements. The mediator helps by offering judicial scheme data, how to get a divorce, and popular methods of resolving divorce problems. The Agreement: The mediator writes the arrangement for evaluation by each of the sides and their lawyers, if any, when a contract has been reached on all problems. Divorce Mediation subjects: From parenting to property division, to kid and spousal support, you will discover everything described in our report on divorce mediation subjects.

While the mental failure is equivalent for both couples, it is the spouse who does not have any apparent tools to support himself, who will also struggle socially. Divorce settlement, or alimony, is something you can look forward to filling out the financial gap created by dividing ways with the one you once loved. Moreover, due to the lack of proper planning, there are chances that even this small grace may come to naught.

The first movie to be followed purely is to overcome a fractured marriage’s grief and believe for the lives ahead practically. It finishes messily in most instances; no wonder how lovely a connection was. The entire practice of marriage running awry and disturbing method of divorce puts one injured, furious, and filled with anxiety, dread, and desperation. The past and the present always embrace the person, but rarely think of the future.

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